Top 10 Ways To Styling Your Phulkari From Mystic Loom

Phulkari dupattas are like paintings bearing the best color combination, painted in a way that makes the viewers awe-stricken and surprised. Mystic Loom has a wide collection of awesome Phulkari Dupattas that can be worn in any way. From getting that "show-sha" look to a simple "desi girl" wala look, you can just present your best persona by wrapping yourself in artistic Phulkaris!

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Scroll below to know about 10 exciting ways of adding fab and fun to your styling with the best Phulkari Dupattas from Mystic Loom!

  1. Anarkali-Phulkari Symphony-A plain Anarkali with a heavy embroidered Phulkari Dupatta can go great with each other. It's like making a union of prince charming with a beautiful princess, spreading love and vigor all around! How about getting ready this way? Seems wow, doesn't it?
  2. Phulkari with Dashing Patiyala- Where Phulkari comes from Punjab, Patiala comes from there too! Combining a Phulkari dupatta from Mystic Loom with typical Punjabi Patiala can simply awaken the lost fashion sense and inspire people to re-add the forgotten traditional ethnic wear from Punjab! It won't hurt to look extraordinarily gorgeous, would it? Refresh your ethnic fashion in this style and you will become your fan we swear!
  3. Churidaars with Phulkari- Where Churidaars add a smart look to your ethnic dressing style, adding Phulkari with them brightens up the entire outfit. You can pair a light-colored churidar suit with a heavy, vibrant phulkari dupatta from Mystic Loom, and of course, don't forget your simple studs! That's all enough to look complete.
  4. Simple Salwar Suit and Phulkari Dupatta- When you can't decide what to wear on a family occasion, simply put on your simple salwar suit and wrap yourself in a beautiful, heavy phulkari dupatta. Complement this look with a dark shade lipstick and get ready to be the attention gainer at the party!
  5. Dark Phulkari, Light Sharara- Choosing sharara over any other ethnic wear can actually make a difference if you tone it with a dark shaded Phulkari, available at Mystic Loom. Even if you are a newlywed bride, you can carry a bright, red royal Phulkari dupatta over your sharara and mesmerize your better half with your adorable style. Don't let his love gloom, keep it alive with Phulkaris of Mystic Loom!
  6. Chikankari Kurta with Phulkari Dupatta- If you love making peace with your dressing sense, just slip into a chikan embroidered kurta and matching dupattas to make your style look vivid and rich. You can try some of their collections from the sections of Dramatic Divas and get the perfect look of a diva!
  7. Phulkari Dupatta with front slit Kurta-While front-cut Kurtas are great when worn with jeans to get a modern, smart look, trying it with Phulkari too can never go wrong! That's what makes Phulkaris versatile, they blend with everything and enrich the look always! Getting ready in this way helps you look modern and ethnic at the same time.
  8. Skirt and Phulkari Dupatta- Sounds weird? Imagine again! A lengthy, wavy skirt with a long top and bright Phulkari! It wouldn't look great, it'd look amazing! Add some drama to your style by pairing your skirt with Phulkari dupattas and look uniquely beautiful and gorgeous.
  9. Phulkari with Lehengas- Be it for your bridal get-up or a get-up for a function, you don't need to think twice before wearing the intricately woven phulkari dupattas from Mystic Loom with your most loved lehengas. This style can turn the table and bring all the attention to you! Make others envy and adore your looks at the same time! Create fun in your style by getting ready in this way.
  10. A drape of saree and a sprinkle of Phulkari-Drape yourself on a beautiful, gorgeous Saree and warp it up with a beautiful Phulkari Dupatta to look like a royal Queen. Let all be inspired by your look. Turn over the phase of fashion with a unique phulkari collection of Mystic Loom!

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