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Welcome to the enchanting world of Mystic Loom, a platform that showcases the epitome of beauty and variety in Phulkari Dupattas. With an extensive collection featuring the finest types, mesmerizing colors, and captivating designs, Mystic Loom is your gateway to the world of exquisite fashion. In this blog, let us take you on a delightful exploration of the top 10 most beautiful types Phulkari Dupattas available online, each one a masterpiece of artistry and craftsmanship.


Grace and elegance - the two words that perfectly describe this Phulkari!

Peach base with beautifully embroidered english roses engulfed in gold leaves and heavenly small white pearls. The gold thread connects all the blooming flowers on dupatta and embellishes them with gold crystals to add all the luster! 

This Phulkari takes over a month to make, and its artisanal excellence reflects in the finished product!


Roseate Phulkari Dupatta 

Celebration of red wrapped intricately in gold! Beautiful crimson red base exquisitely covered in red and gold silk threads, with gold drops and sheesha work, is a perfect love match to your outfit or to be your bridal dupatta.

This bagh is nothing but love tucked beautifully in a box!



Bringing the hand made art to the lightest of kota organza, this Phulkari Dupatta is perfect fit for you if you like your dupatta light and authentic. The silk threads flowing in hues of yellow form the perfect breezy patterns.

The sparkling gold sippis are there just to add that gleam to your smile.




Elegance, eternity and royalty! This phulkari redefines all of it! Inspired by intricate hand worked Bagh, it is heavily guarded with silk threads of pink, orange and beige, flowing in an illustrious geometrical pattern. 

Vintage Aura Phulkari holds a special place in our hearts and it will in yours too!

It is the one! An heirloom to be cherished, loved and passed on to the next generations! 


 It is elegant and timeless!

This timeless phulkari on a pristine white base defines the class! Floral patterns etched by hand on its border and clusters of stars spread all over in intricate details encapsulating mirrors is a work of art and will absolutely win your heart!




Delicate flowers in shades of Pink playing hide and seek with green leaves, cherish this phulkari to make it extraordinaire! This gorgeous Serendipity Phulkari dupatta defines timeless beauty and class. 

Made with love and to fall in love with!



Queen's Glamour

Marrying the traditions to a modern aesthetic, this red phulkari truly represents the most special day of the bride's life! Intricately woven bagh in red silk thread embossed with gold accessories is covered on all sides with depictions of bride and groom engrossed in the ceremonies of their celebration!

Look closely, and the beauty of this phulkari delicate work and combination of varied embroidery will leave you awestruck! 


Grace and elegance, two words that perfectly describe this Phulkari!

Base in hues of Pink with beautiful patterns embroidered in same colors with love on borders. This artistically handcrafted Phulkari creates a beautiful layer of sheer with subtle flowers spread across to add that hint of silk luster! 




Centuries old classic Royal Bird Phulkari is timeless piece with one in a kind pattern of birds in vibrant green, hot pink and orange, graced by closely knit geometric borders to accentuate the vintage vibes. This is the peacock of Phulkaris! The Ace!

Mystic Loom brings you a piece of heritage and culture, making it an impeccable fit for a queen’s splendid trousseau!




Thrilled to be welcoming the peacock of Phulkaris! Figuratively and Literally!

A soothing color with a stunning jaal of gold leaves with mirrors and dancing peacocks at its ends make it a spectacle of the festivities. Complimenting the hand etched phulkari patterns on its sides, the flowers done in the middle along with rows of mirrors, sequins, beads and gota make this phulkari like no other.

Its elegance celebrates the subtlety of this year's celebrations!



Discover our handpicked collection of colorful Phulkari Dupattas available online at Mystic Loom. Each piece is a testament to the rich traditions and artistic brilliance behind this exquisite craft. Elevate your style and embrace the vibrant hues and intricate patterns that these dupattas offer. Shop conveniently from home and add a touch of beauty and heritage to your wardrobe. Explore Mystic Loom today and immerse yourself in the captivating world of Phulkari Dupattas.

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