Introducing Mystic Loom


What is Mystic Loom?

Mystic Loom is the amalgamation of two words – Mystic and Loom. While loom symbolizes the beautiful fabric, mystic emphasizes the auspiciousness and magic of the Phulkari. It is not just a dupatta or embroidery, it is a fabric that brings happiness and mysticism to all hues of your life

Vision of Mystic Loom:

Mystic Loom is collection of unique phulkari designs hand picked from Punjab. The embroidery and motifs on these phulkari represent the rich heritage and culture of Punjab Villages and communities. Our vision is to make this beauty discoverable and within your reach.

We intend to make this product integral part of your life as well as an expression of your lifestyle. Way to experience the magic of this auspicious embroidered fabric. Experiment with different styles, different occasions or different moods and we promise that you will be elated.

Story of Mystic Loom:

It all started when we got an opportunity to attend the Phulkari themed wedding event. Belonging to Punjab, but living in Delhi, our family had almost forgotten the grandiose of the beautiful Phulkari. This event made us experience the magnificence of embroidery and we had a realization -

"What makes us us is sometimes so easily forgotten- the values, the blessings, the traditions. And so rarely do we get a chance to give back to what nurtured us"

The Mystic Loom is an opportunity for us to give back what fostered us - our culture and heritage.