What is Mystic Loom?

Mystic Loom is the perfect fusion of two enchanting words - "Mystic" and "Loom." The word "Loom" represents the artistry and craftsmanship of the beautiful fabric, while "Mystic" evokes a sense of wonder, auspiciousness, and the magical essence of Phulkari. Beyond being just a mere dupatta or embroidery, Phulkari from Mystic Loom is a fabric that weaves together happiness, joy, and a touch of mysticism, infusing vibrant hues into every aspect of your life.

Our story:

Two sisters, serving global markets in their corporate careers, decide to turn to their roots. Hailing from the land of Punjab, they decided to create a brand that stands for preserving the art form of Phulkari.

What we create:

We work with women from remote corners of Punjab and bring their art work to a global platform. Our products are carefully handpicked to suit different occasions, and our eye for perfection aims to weave elegance that your wardrobe can boast about.

Our bit to the community:

We work with artisans and manufacturers and create home grown products that range from hand crafted marvels to machine made pure weaves. We directly contribute to the artisan's community and aim to create an ecosystem that enhances their lives while preserving their generational skills.

How we want to make this a movement:

This brand-created by women, showcasing products- crafted by women, handpicked phulkaris-adorned by women across the world, makes it the start of a movement that promises to create livelihoods, grow a diminishing artisan community and preserve roots that are losing relevance in this fast paced world. Our brand was created to contribute to communities like these and we continue on our pledge to expand to more.