Why Phulkari is must for Indian Wedding?

Phulkari has become indispensable part of the Royal Punjabi Wedding. Starting from shagun to the pagphera, phulkari nails it on nearly every occasion. It is not just adorned by the bride during multiple rituals, but is donned by close relatives and bridesmaid to add that extra color to the celebration.

1. Chunni Ceremony : Phulkari is considered as perfect Shagun ka dupatta gifted by Groom's family to bride to welcome her in the family. Shagun ka Dupatta is largely in pink and red colors due to its historic significance of these colors for Indian shaadi. It carries not only the blessings of the elders, but the emotions binding generations of the family.

2. Pre Wedding Shoot: If not Phulkari, what else will make you shine on your pre wedding shoot? Phulkari has been used in Punjabi pre wedding shoot not only to create perfect punjabi theme, but also to inculcate colors and vibrancy to the pre wedding shoot poses. It has and will always bring life to the pictures of the bride and groom. Do check our another blog for Phulkari based Pre Wedding Ideas.

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 Picture Credits: Sunny Dhiman Photography

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3. Haldi Ritual: Termed as vattna ceremony in punjabi shaadi, it is believed that haldi brings the good luck and prosperity. Coupled with Phulkari dupatta on top, the ritual is picturesque with yellow and pink contrast as shown in the pic 

4. Mehndi Function: While bride prefers to wear the plain simple outfit to grace this ceremony, phulkari comes to rescue. It adds the required vibrance and colors to the bride. Who can forget the most beautiful wedding of 2019, where Neeti Mohan graced beautiful multicolored phulkari that became trend of the season.

Picture credits: frugal2fab

5. Jaago Theme: jaago nights are considered an opportunity to be creative. The bride or grooms siblings, relatives and friends will often dress up in traditional Punjabi clothing outfits and Phulkari to carry Jaago, sing and dance in the neighborhood as an open invitation to attend the wedding. It also gives perfect chance for Bride and her bridesmaid for their Phulkari Photoshoot


6. Backdrop for multiple wedding ceremonies: As Phulkari adds lot of the colors to the event, it has been used as background for the multiple ceremonies  that take place in different religions and culture. It is believed that Phulkari will ward off the evil eye and is must to mark any auspicious event on wedding. Who can forget the lockdown bride and beautiful use of Phulkari by her to add the contrast to her pictures. 

 7 Bridal Wedding trousseau: While Vari da bagh has its own significance, phulkari dupatta has been integral pert of the the suits gifted by bride's family to the bride for her future life. In modern times, some brides have also beautifully donned Phulkari Dupatta on their wedding day and added an extra edge to their wedding outfit

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Phulkari has always had its charm for Indian wedding. No one can deny the spectacular aura it creates around to dazzle one and all. Mystic Loom is here to serve you this fabulous loom for every celebration. Shop and enjoy the phulkari in every color every tone ! We are happy to listen and help you with any queries. Feel free to reach us on info@mysticloom.com





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