Why Phulkari is Must for Pre-Wedding Shoot?

Well, they say “a picture says it all”. Pre-Wedding Shoot takes the saying literally and captures the beautiful moments of anticipated forever after for the 'soon to be married' couple.

Magic, love, charm, the butterflies all encapsulated in this new tradition has made it a must for every wedding. With many and then some pre wedding ideas all over the internet, one thing that has nestled its way into every shoot is “Phulkari”.

The mesh of tradition and culture with this new trend is in vogue, and what better than Phulkari for north Indians. They have been donning Phulkari proudly since centuries.

The bride to be with excitement in eyes and shyness in walk, adorns Phulkari to not just adds glitz and glamour to the picture but to keep the promise to carry tradition to her new journey.

 that elevates the look and the impact. Here come few pre wedding shoots ideas that will recreate the magic of rustic Punjab based pre wedding theme while staying true to the heritage.

So here is how you can adorn Phulkari in Pre-Wedding Shoot to take it a level higher

Paint a picture from DDLJ:

If pre wedding shoot is in Punjab, then a must picture is from Sarson de farms. Sway the Phulkari with the smell of Sarson to paint a perfect picture from DDLJ, just like Raj and Simran. Flowing with the wind, let the love bloom under Phulkari and make time stop for you. Steal your moments in this shoot and make your courtship period the most memorable one.


Pind wala Romance:

Weddings or celebration of love is deeply etched into our cultural roots. Starting a new life and taking along the tradition is what makes it so special. The latest pre-wedding trend is romancing in the havelis and forts of ancestral pind. The charpais, the charkha, the chaukhat and the chaja with setting sun gives the happy couple a blissful set to showcase the love.

Jatt and Juliet

With the on-point Jugni look - open hair, Jhumkas, a bright Punjabi Patiala salwar suit with Panjabi Phulkari and Punjabi Jutti in place, you can't go wrong. And to bring it home add the Phulkari magic. Our Punjabi Juliet flaunting her prince or in this case the handsome gabru jatt in pathani suit is the picture for keeps.

Make it Pop

It’s your day to shine, the world to just stop, glare and revolve around you. And what better way to not blend in but to pop…glisten in vibrant colours of Phulkari.
Just like the rockstar lehenga look (think Sneakers, a biker jacket and sunnies with a Phulkari), you can be Jazz it all up your way or simply use it to add swag to your modern setting.

So go ahead girl give it a shot and share with us your phulkari pictures from the shoot and we will flaunt them on our website for you!






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